WeTheUrban Interview: Cliché Magazine’s Jeremy Fall

*photo by Josh Heller

Occupation: Editor-in-chief of Cliché Magazine

Website: http://www.clichemag.com

Meet digital media guru and friend of WeTheUrban Jeremy Fall. Since the age of 16, Jeremy has been taking the media world by storm and his magazine, Cliché, is re-launching this June on a completely new out-of-this-world level! We had the pleasure of chatting with Jeremy about Cliché and the future of his brand. Check out the interview after the jump! It’s a great read!

Q: How did “all of this” happen, how did you start Cliché Magazine?

A: I created Cliché when I was 18 after realizing that there weren’t any good digital publications out there. It actually started out as a side project while I was doing event production, and I was expecting to keep it that way until it started to grow more and I discovered a new found passion.

Q: What has been one of your proudest moments since starting Cliché?

A: One of my proudest moments was definitely when we hit our 1 million unique reader mark in December of 2009, and I was getting Christmas messages from all of our fans with all their support. When you lead a project, there’s never really any way of knowing that you’re doing a good job, so hearing it from numerous people is extremely encouraging and rewarding.

Q: We heard that you’re relaunching the magazine in June, could you explain this new concept to us?

A: Yes, Cliché Magazine will be relaunching June 1st of 2011. We’re working on a few surprises to launch before that, but the main re-design will occur this summer. The new concept is basically about taking digital media consumption to another level by publishing Cliché on a new interactive interface. This will basically allow our users to have a more custom and rich media induced magazine experience, while still keeping the basic feel and concept of Cliché. I can’t reveal all of the features yet, but we’ll be able to embed video and audio into the magazine’s pages, amongst other things.

Q: Is the new Cliché Magazine going to be a lot different than the previous version, could you elaborate on the major changes?

A: As far as the issues themselves, they will be an improved version of what Cliché has been so far with more writing, and more photos. We’re going to be launching a few new concepts and revamping older ones throughout the year as well to really make our publication unique and more appealing to readers.

Q: How do you get inspired when creating issues for your magazine?

A: I get inspired by things going on around the world, the industry, and a lot of times in my life. For example, I’ll have phases where I become extremely passionate about a painter or a musician, and then from there get inspired to create a whole issue based around what that artist makes me feel.

Q: Can you tell us a little more about your “Print Is Dead” campaign?

A: I launched the “Print Is Dead” campaign in 2009 as a basic support of what the idea behind Cliché. Most people who read my magazine don’t necessarily realize the whole digital media & technology aspect of it because they’re so used to doing everything online. Aside from being about fashion & music, Cliché is also a leader of a huge movement that’s evolving everyday - the impact of technology and the Internet on the world. Today we mostly send e-mail instead of snail mail, we pay our bills online, we don’t write we blog, we don’t write paper notes we text, we order food online, shop online; people don’t talk, they tweet. We read the news on our phones or on our computers. Basically, most of the information we consume in our lives is through technology and the Internet. Cliché takes the basic magazine format that we all know in print and re-creates a virtual format by utilizing all the advantages of the web. This is a debate that I get into with a lot of people because yes there still are print magazines in this world, but their presence is significantly inferior to the online world’s. 

Q: How do you think the digital & social media world is going to evolve in the future? Do you see it continuing to grow?

A: I definitely think that the digital & social media world is going to evolve. I don’t think we’ve seen its full potential yet and the way we consume media today is still yet to evolve. A lot of people believe that the Internet is just a bubble that’s going to pop just like the real estate bubble did. To be honest, I do agree with that to a certain extent because the value of web concepts is so ridiculously inflated today that it will definitely end up breaking at some point, however this will only affect investors and venture capital funds more than anything, but not the technology itself.

Q: Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs like yourself trying to make it in the media industry?

A: Honestly, the best advice I can give is to utilize the tools of the Internet. We live in a day and age where everyone has a voice. It has its advantages and disadvantages but it’s the truth of the matter. If people want to work in the media industry, starting with an online presence is definitely the way to go. There’s a huge demographic that does nothing but browse the web so it’s definitely a lot easier than it was thirty years ago when print was the only press. I think persistence and ambition both play a role as well because the opportunity is very possible, it’s just up to you to decide how hard you want to fight for it.

Q: You’re also a blogger at JeremyFall.com, what is your main inspiration for your posts?

A: I get inspired by a lot of different things actually, mainly events going on in my life. I don’t take any of the photos unless noted otherwise, they’re mainly images I find over the Internet that inspire me. The words, however, are mine for the most part. Blogging has actually become a huge part of my online presence now and I’ve built a huge following thanks to Tumblr. The support from followers has been amazing and I get the kindest feedback. The concept of my blog in a nutshell can be described as the raw reality of life and emotions consumed through words and photography.

Q: What’s next for Jeremy Fall, what are your plans for the future?

A: I have tons of ideas on how to make Cliché better and it’s nowhere near where I want to be yet. I’m going to be working on developing the brand as a whole and will definitely continue to make it a leader in the digital magazine industry. We’re going to be working with a few major companies and influencers in the industry on projects that revolve around video content and mobile integration. Aside from that, I’m pretty much going to work as the ideas come to me and continue to be thankful for all of the people that support me in my endeavors.

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