ORA-C Jewelry Unveils New "Golden Sage" Collection Lookbook


Launched in May 2015, ORA-C is a Canadian independent jewelry brand created by designer Caroline Pham. Caroline meticulously fabricates every piece by hand in her Montreal studio as unique wearable artworks. Her pieces are delicate yet bold, featuring striking color compositions.

While Caroline finds beauty in the imperfections of the handmade object, her work is grounded in the value of good craftsmanship. Handwoven ropes, colorful beading, sculpted metals and multi-layered fringes don ORA-C’s ever developing collections. 


"My ready-to-wear sculptural pieces are like mini paintings, enlivened by the person who wears them. I like to see my work evolve organically. It is an attempt to marry elegance with old craft, brilliant colors with simplicity, the exotic with my vision of modernity" 


The designs of ORA-C's newest offerings from the new "Golden Sage" collection further solidify why this is a brand to watch. Shop here.