Spotlight: basd body care

via  @basedbodycare  on Instagram

via @basedbodycare on Instagram

basd body care is our new favorite brand dedicated to providing a healthy plant-based organic skin care line that is free from artificial, synthetic, and other toxic ingredients; because when it comes to beauty, who knows better than Mother Nature?

Having been raised by strong women themselves, founders Ashley Meston and Phil LeBeau set out to create a line that is inspired by and made for badass women everywhere.

All of the cruelty-free ingredients in basd products, including fragrances and colors, are sourced from real plants and they've got a tight-knit range of gems.

The basd coffee body scrub is an ideal multi-purpose skin care remedy. Rich in vitamins and natural oils to leave you feeling smooth and soft, the exfoliant is chock full of antioxidants, and with the same ph as your skin, this scrub will ensure you're more than ready to take on your day.

For an instant hydrating boost, treat yourself to the basd body lotion in invigorating mint or Indulgent crème brûlé. Formulated with organic virgin coconut oil, and organic shea butter, this has to be our favorite from the line. Along with the ultra-hydration offered by the coconut and shea butter, it's also packed with aloe vera and vitamins that help reduce puffiness and work to give you a toned appearance.

Lastly, the basd body wash! Its natural ingredients like organic aloe and organic green tea will leave you feeling soft, smooth and sexy, and like you can take on the world. (the invigorating mint scent is perfect, too.)

The best part? It's all super affordable! You can purchase these beauties individually or as a bundle at