Plant Apothecary: Skin Care Done Right!

The skin we’re in is pretty important, right? It’s our biggest organ and yet we don’t treat it with the same respect we do our bellies. For perspective, 60% of everything you lather on your skin can be absorbed and mainstream beauty brands don’t always have your skin’s best interests at heart.

This is why we're so excited to introduce you to a brand that does. Meet PLANT Apothecary.

Holly McWhorter (right) and Bjarke Ballisager (left), a husband-and-wife team with backgrounds in architecture, journalism, and music, started PLANT in 2012 when they saw an opportunity to promote healthy ingredients, environmental friendliness and social responsibility by way of distinctive, design-forward package design.

The cool part? PLANT is for everyone (literally)! Their unisex products are super affordable and tick just about every eco, vegan, ethical and organic box you could wish for. No petroleum, parabens, PABA, sodium lauryl sulfate, silicones or any other synthetic nasties.

Starting with organic body washes, the line has since grown to include so much more. We're talking toning facial mist, moisturizing body oil products, an acne treatment mask, and more.

Some of our favorite standout products:

MATCHA Antioxidant Face Mask


This mask packs a unique punch by combining the purifying properties of white clay with the powerful antioxidants of organic, fair trade matcha (powdered green) tea. The result is a detoxified, moisturized, and refreshed look and feel to your skin.

SUPERFACIAL Organic Oil Moisturizer


This baby comes in two forms: one for normal/combination skin and one superlight oil moisturizer designed specifically for oily skin. Restorative organic juniper and geranium oils team up within an antioxidant-rich, vitamin-loaded blend of richly emollient, wrinkle-fighting organic green tea seed, avocado, hazelnut, sea buckthorn and apricot kernel oils. The result is softer, smoother, profoundly nourished skin without a trace of greasy shine—or toxic synthetic ingredients.

RESET Organic Makeup Remover


It's rare to find an effective organic makeup remover. Luckily this exists! The RESET Organic Makeup Remover gently and effectively removes even the most stubborn makeup, without any oily residue or toxic chemicals.

Caring for our skin daily is one of the easiest ways to ensure long-term health, confidence, and youthfulness. Every day we have the choice to celebrate ourselves and the planet by using products designed with well-being and wholeness in mind.

Live your best life and check out PLANT Apothecary's full range of goodies at

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