Meet Above/Below Jewelry

Picking the right jewelry has the power to transform the look and feel of your entire outfit. Dainty minimalist ring or cocktail ring? Simple studs or chandelier earrings? Choker, princess necklace or long rope necklace?

These are the decisions that we usually consider, but how often do we stop to wonder about how our jewelry was made? – Where did the materials come from? Who’s hands has it touched? Was it made with love and pure intentions? What environment was it made in? Who’s lives has it affected? How long was it made to last?


The fast fashion industry has brought about a culture of repeatedly buying poorly-made ‘trendy’ jewelry that is thrown out after a couple of wears, wasting resources and exposing ourselves and the producers to toxic materials along the way.


The beauty of the internet affording artists a platform to create their own brands and the increasing global focus on sustainability around the fashion industry has also raised questions about the environmental impacts and ethics of the jewelry that we adorn our bodies with. To help you navigate your slow-fashion, totally awesome jewelry hunt, we'd love to highlight a new brand on our radar: Above/Below Jewelry.

What if you could capture the world’s most mysterious and magnificent natural wonders in the palm of your hand? Well, thanks to Above/Below - you can! Created in 2013, the Rhode Island-based jewelry line is headed by designer Season James. Rooted in an admiration for the environment, this quirky collection of nature-inspired jewelry honors the connection between nature, adornment, and science.

With these marvelous accessories, you can adorn yourself with earthly treasures from head to toe, transforming your everyday ensemble into a celebration of ideas. From Crater Moon earrings and Dimensional Hoops to fun clutch necklaces and plant/herb holders, these eclectic and enchanting pieces will be a breath of fresh air in any jewelry box or closet.

In this day and age, taking a public political or social stance is no longer taboo, but encouraged. Above/Below Jewelry misses no opportunity to help customers express themselves through their various statement necklaces.  

The cool part? Nearly every design is an original, one of a kind piece that will is personal to each customer. The designs embrace in stylized settings, the ageless beauty of materials that have been tempered by time, wind, and weather. Whether you're going to a festival, a brunch or just want to feel like ethereal and fashionable, get outside and get adorned.

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Willie GreeneComment