Spotlight: pinqponq


Buying a new backpack isn’t always easy as there are so many things you need to take into consideration such as size, compartments, access, durability, fit etc. Luckily, we've found the remedy to your search.

Meet pinqponq: a forward-thinking backpack and accessory brand hailing from Cologne, Germany. Founded in 2014, pinqponq's stylish range of products inspired by contemporary art, music, and everyday life are now enjoyed by worldwide.



pinqponq’s bag range is the result of an ambitious process: the observing of what lifestyle and fashion affine people need and create everything according to these demands.
These bags are a direct reflection of current culture as well as what's to come.


Quality Over Quantity.

Not only do they deliver on classic yet completely original designs, it's also the specific attention to detail and quality that has turned pinqponq into one of the most promising brands rising in the streetwear community and beyond. Muted colors, simple yet effective and strategic silhouettes plus compartments and functionality like you've never seen define the best parts of owning pinqponq bag.


Ethically Inclined.

One of the best parts about pinqponq is that they're dedicated to sustainability. For all of their designs, pinqpon uses fabric that is 100% made of recycled PET bottles. It is also a recognized bluesign® system partner, and member of Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), which means that the impact to the environment is controlled, and working conditions in its factories are always verified and improved.

pinqponq is for smart, fashion conscious world citizens who want to express a creative mindset and support thoughtful goods. Check out to cop one for yourself.