Artist Harmonia Rosales Reimagines Classic Works With Black Femininity

”And when you consider that all human life came out of Africa, the Garden of Eden and all, then it only makes sense to paint God as a black woman, sparking life in her own image.” These are thoughts behind one young woman who is going viral for her work that wishes to challenge and establish a counter narrative as to who and what we consider powerful and authoritative.


Harmonia Rosales is a 33 year old artist from Chicago who is gaining notoriety for her work with her now viral piece “The Creation of God”. The artwork is an interpretation based on Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” which is displayed in the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

The 33-year-old told BuzzFeed that she wanted to take a "widely recognized painting" – one that shows white men as central figures of authority – and "flip the script." Harmonia added: "White figures are a staple in classic art featured in major museums. They are the 'masters' of the masterpieces. Why should that continue?"


"Replacing the white male figures — the most represented — with people I believe have been the least represented can begin to recondition our minds to accept new concepts of human value," she reasoned. "If I can touch even a small group of people and empower them through the power of art, then I've succeeded in helping to change the way we see the world."

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