Alex Carro Skincare: Beauty Simplified

Hailing from and inspired by Barcelona, a cutting-edge skincare line, Alex Carro, is on the pulse of what's next. Using all-natural ingredients, one revolutionary aspect of Alex Carro is that it blurs the lines of gender, creating a scope of products that are completely unisex and even mixable.

"Five products form a minimal, portable capsule cosmetic ritual which can be adapted, expanded and amalgamated into an additional five bespoke products for changing circumstance, or simply in order to be shared.

Simply hand mixing the products at the point of use according to your own experimentation allows you to easily tailor your own occasional restorative rituals, or quick deep cleanse treatments as needed."  says Alexandra Nodes, Founder of Alex Carro.

This brand caught our attention not only for its appeal to all genders thanks to a modern design aesthetic, but also because of the concentrated focus on functionality and results, rather than bottling promises wrapped in flowery language and pretty colors. 


Years of testing and research with high-quality ingredients has informed the capsule collection Alex Carro carries today. It is everything you need in one bundle! This includes a Balancing Face Oil, Facial Cleanser, Exfoliating Powder, Face Creme, and a Multiuse Balm.

Alex Carro uses plant and herb extracts, essential oils and fruit acids which redefine natural synergistic effects on skin, and also reflect the landscapes in Spain that they love and are connected to. The accessible price point for this luxury line (the entire five-piece collection ranges between $45-$78) also adds to the overall goal of inclusivity! 

Overall, we're obsessed with the idea of being able to share organic, affordable skincare products with your significant other: save bathroom counter space, save money and most importantly, save your skin. If you're looking to try out a new line, Alex Carro is a great starting place.

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