Eco-Friendly Swimwear Meets Style: Galamaar

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Whether you’re off on a weekend staycation or attending a 4th of July pool party, finding the perfect-fitting swimwear for the occasion is a must. But how about finding one with eco-credentials too? Thankfully, with the world’s mounting interest in all things sustainable, there are more swimwear brands taking on the eco-challenge, creating bikinis and one pieces that not only make you feel downright gorgeous but that also treat the planet with respect. We're excited to introduce one of our favorite brands leading the charge. 

Hailing from California, Galamaar is an environmentally and ethically conscious swimwear line that blends fashion-forward designs with luxe eco fabrics to create swimsuits that are fun, classic, affordable and make going green sexier than ever before.

Based on the idea that swimwear is worn in essence, to experience nature, and that causing undue harm in the process seems well... wrong, Designer Blakely Wickstrom was inspired to create Galamaar in 2017 after years spent as a fashion designer in New York and aiding the launch of a swim collection for a well-known brand. 

Believing that going green doesn’t mean forgoing style, Blakely set out to design bikinis that are sexy, modern, and environmentally friendly. 

Designed and manufactured in limited quantities in at a family-run factory in Los Angeles, California, Galamaar features a range of pieces from high waisted bikinis to classic one pieces made exclusively from made from Italian fabric that utilizes 78% recycled nylon, sourced from discarded fishing nets pulled directly from the ocean.

The nylon is gathered from all over the world through some really great initiatives. A favorite being the non-profit, Net-Works, which empowers local fishing communities in the Philippines to gather these nets, and instead of sending them to a landfill, they partner with a textiles company who use them to produce a recycled version nylon. This recycled material is then used to make a number of products like our Galamaar's swimwear. 

An average of 640,000 tons of fishing net is dumped in our oceans every year, representing one of the greatest threats to marine life. It's a simple but important step a brand can take to help clean up the oceans in which we so love to swim and admire.

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One of our favorite parts of Galamaar's high quality, high-performance swimwear designs is the stylish, on-trend color selection. Stripping the noise of extreme prints, the brand offers designs in blue, red, black, and more, in consciously-chosen shades that compliment any skin tone. 

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Galamaar's conscious doesn't stop at its production choices:

"Another important aspect of Galamaar's mission is to elevate the imagery and the story told of and to women; working primarily with female photographers in a creative and open spirit and casting multi-faceted and diverse women with the intent to paint an honest and empowering reflection of the stronger sex (just kidding, but not really)." Photography: Amanda Bjorn

Learn more about Galamaar and cop some pieces for yourself here.