Organic Basics: The Future of Underwear

If you were to overhaul one part of your wardrobe to make it more sustainable, let it be your underwear drawer. It's your undies, after all, that come into contact with the most sensitive and absorbent part of your body.

Women, in particular, need to take great care to ensure that what they're putting in close contact with their nether regions is as clean and green as possible. At least 300 million women suffer from yeast, vaginal, and bladder infections every year – problems that are exacerbated by non-breathing, chemical-laden materials.

Enter Organic Basics: a solid, sustainable choice all around. (Use code “WETHEURBANOBX” for free shipping on every order)


Back in 2015, a forward-thinking team based in Denmark created a Kickstarter with one goal in mind: to change the underwear industry for good. With the help of $20,000 in donations from now loyal customers residing in over 35 countries, Organic Basics was officially birthed.

The vision was to create products that challenge conventional technology while at the same time being finding solutions and being socially conscious of the impact that production and products have on the environment.  

It's simple, practical, and supremely comfy t-shirts, socks, and underwear are sustainably produced and engineered with SilverTech: a cutting-edge smart fabric created with recycled nylon treated with a safe, bluesign approved recycled silver salt called Polygiene.

Essentially, SilverTech permanently protects your garments from smelling like a middle school locker room. Sweat itself is odorless, but it creates the conditions that bacteria need to multiply, and some of those bacteria produce odors. SilverTech permanent odor control stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria on fabrics, so you can wear more and wash less and save more, thus also helping the environment.

How? There are no artificial chemicals in their 99.99% pure non-toxic silver. Of all metals known to mankind, silver is known for being the most efficient reflector as well as the best electrical-, and thermal conductor. But most importantly, silver is known for its oligodynamic effect; a biocidal effect that controls microbial growth and kills bacteria with silver ions.


What are the other benefits of Organic Basics' SilverTech underwear?

- Regulates body heat i.e. helps you cool down in the summer and warm up in the winter

- Are entirely seamless and comfortable to all body shapes

- Are Stronger and more durable than your standard underwear brand

- Are built with advanced ventilation in critical sweat zones, keeping you dry and comfortable 24/7

- Are Wrinkle-resistant and light

Delve deeper into the minds of the creators of the brand in our one-on-one interview:

What is the philosophy behind the creation of Organic Basics?

We put sustainability at the core of everything - it’s not just nice to have. Our philosophy is to create underwear and everyday essentials that cause the least possible environmental harm.

What would you say Organic Basics provides that is unique in eco-friendly fashion?

A constant search for innovation, a visionary use of sustainable materials and a continued focus on ethical production. That's how we do this.

At Organic Basics, you strive to work in an ultra-transparent way. What does this mean? How important is it for you to educate the consumer on your products?

Transparency for us means a lot of different things as your question suggests - it’s about showing you inside the factories, explaining what goes into the clothes, who makes them, where they are made - but it also means helping to share knowledge about what sustainability in fashion means. It’s equally important for us to be learning from our customers about what they think needs to improve. Sustainability is a journey, not a destination - and it’s a two-way process that requires us to always think and develop.

Do you feel eco-friendly fashion is set to become the norm? Have you felt a renewed interest in your products as sustainable wear has grown?

We hope that eco-friendly fashion will become the norm - but there is always room for improvement amongst all brands. Providing each brand can learn and respond to environmental challenges then that is the most important part. Sustainable thinking is being taken more seriously, not just in fashion but in their day-to-day lifestyle. Obviously fashion is a big part of the picture so we are seeing more people becoming interested in sustainable underwear and apparel.

Where are your items made and what challenges do you face receiving shipments of sustainable items/materials?

Most of our products are made in Izmir, Turkey (we are actually visiting our main supplier as we write this) and Barcelos, Portugal. There are challenges in sourcing of course - but we trust our suppliers because they carry the same sustainable vision as us. We know that they are always trying to reduce their impact because we’re in constant communication. We ask all the questions and they actually enjoy it because they care.

Authenticity and sustainability was always the guideline for Organic Basics. How is this reflected in the material selection and design of your range of underwear?

If someone had followed our journey from the beginning then they’d understand how we’ve always placed sustainability at the core of everything. We decided to use organic cotton and design with simplicity for longevity from day one, and as we’ve grown the brand we’ve worked with even more sustainable textiles like recycled nylon and recycled wool. Also, as new technologies are developed like Polygiene® and seamless knitting are developed we can see a serious reduction in environmental harm. Put simply, we’re learning, developing, innovating and improving as much as we can.

Lastly, what does the future of Organic Basics look like?

That’s a big question… we hope that Organic Basics is able to develop a full capsule wardrobe within the next few years and of course, we will only ever stick to our sustainable values in the process.

Learn more and get some product of your own at and don’t forget, you may use code “WETHEURBANOBX” for free shipping on every order!

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