Kuyichi Makes Sustainable Denim Look Cool

Denim, a style staple for most of us, has one of the least sustainable manufacturing processes in the fashion industry, but recent innovations mean that there are options for those looking to be a more eco-friendly alternative.

According to Fashion Revolution, the denim industry sends more than 250 million yards of leftover fabric to landfills every year. Additionally, it can take 11,000 litres of water to produce just one pair of jeans and the mass dumping of dye chemicals in rivers in key denim manufacturing countries, such as China and India, is turning the water an unnatural shade of blue.

Luckily, the wheels are starting to turn! New brands working to make jackets, jeans, and other denim highlights better for the planet are being more and more prevalent. We’re excited to introduce you to our new favorite: Kuyichi



In 2001, the Dutch founders of Kuyichi were exploring the cotton industry in Peru and were shocked by the pollution and poverty they discovered during their research process. The destruction of the industry, especially on farmers, was striking.

Their answer to this problem birthed Kuyichi; named after the Peruvian god of the Rainbow.

The solution was simple: 

“The most commonly worn product made of cotton is a pair of jeans, so we started making 100% organic denim.”


Kuyichi offers a wide range of denim pieces for everyone! All of their designs are cruelty-free – no feathers, no leather, no silk, no wool, no animal products of any kind - and instead of using toxic synthetic blue pigments, they use natural indigo. Check out some of our favorite pieces below. 


Left: Diana Dress / Right: Jenna Boyfriend Premium Blue



Kuyichi isn’t just looking out for the planet, but for the people who are vital to making their jeans. Continuing their commitment to transparency, Kuyichi suppliers all over the world have sworn to their Code of Conduct. You can check out more about this process here. 

Learn more about the brand and get some pieces of your own at Kuyichi.com

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